Tumor-Stammzellen Tumor-stemcells

Tumor-Stemcells – Newest Research Results

Tumor-stemcell research is a hot topic in oncology diagnostics. Our lab could isolate and grow these cells clonally, meaning one cell is dividing into identical sister cells. They form spheroids with typical stem cell characters. The number of spheroids is proportional to the aggressiveness of the tumor. This was the title of a presentation of…

Breast Cancer

Hormone Therapy for Breast Cancer: What you should know!

Hormone therapy for breast cancer, often called maintenance therapy, is an important treatment option for women with hormone-dependent breast cancer. It can inhibit or stop the growth of tumor cells that respond to estrogen or progesterone. Hormone therapy can be used as an adjunct to surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation to reduce the risk of relapse…

Tamoxifen-Eigenschaften Tamoxifen properties
Breast Cancer

Tamoxifen Properties – what you absolutely need to know!

Tamoxifen properties derive from many properties, whether they are always good will be discussed in this article. It is a drug mainly used to treat breast cancer in women. It acts as a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), which either inhibits or promotes the effect of estrogen depending on the tissue. Tamoxifen was developed in…

BRCA genes BRCA Gene
Breast Cancer | Brustkrebs

BRCA Genes – Everybody has them, but only few develop cancer, why?

The BRCA genes are tumor suppressors that play an important role in DNA repair. When these genes are mutated (inherited from family), the risk of breast and ovarian cancer increases significantly. In this article, you will learn more about the basics, diagnosis, and therapy options when BRCA genes are mutated. What are BRCA Genes? BRCA…

Cancer Disease – what you absolutely need to know!
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Cancer Disease – what you absolutely need to know!

A cancer disease of solid tumors (90-95% of all cancer diagnoses) often follow the same basic principles and are therefore surprisingly similar but yet on a molecular level it is a very individual ailment. Therefore, one should know some biological basics for a fundamental understanding to discuss with your doctor about treatment options. Cell death…