Cancer Therapy in the 21. Century

Getting Control Over a Cancer Therapy with Advanced Liquid Biopsy and Medical Cannabis

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DMB combines modern tumor cell analytic with Cannabinoids and other cancer therapies

DMB-Diagnostics has made it its mission to treat cancer with individualized diagnostics and specially adapted medication. In recent years, our research has made significant progress and can in many cases suggest a pre-tested cancer therapy, continuously monitor the course of the disease, adjust the therapy early if necessary and check whether hormone therapy can be stopped almost risk-free.

You are the most important person

You can do a lot to ensure that the upcoming therapies go optimally. We provide you with the tools and information you need. Always remember when talking to your doctor or therapist, you are the customer and the customer is known to be king. And you have the final say in your treatment!

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maintrac, a liquid biopsy, can diagnose cancer, characterize circulating tumor cells and identify the most effective drugs for your cancer treatment. And as long-term monitoring system it detects early signs of new tumor activity.