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Tumor-Stemcells – Newest Research Results

Tumor-stemcell research is a hot topic in oncology diagnostics. Our lab could isolate and grow these cells clonally, meaning one cell is dividing into identical sister cells. They form spheroids with typical stem cell characters. The number of spheroids is proportional to the aggressiveness of the tumor.

This was the title of a presentation of Dr. Pizon about isolation, and cultivation plus transfer of tumor- stemcell on chorioallantoischen Membrans (CAM) of chicken eggs where they grew to tumors.


Preparation of Tumor-Stemcells for Analytical Purpose

The red blood cells are lysed and the residual blood components are processed and cultured with special nutrient medium for approx. 21 days. Cell clusters (spheroids) are formed in the culture flasks, which can be used for characterization and chemosensitivity measurements. In this way, important data can be obtained for optimized cancer therapies and how these data can be used specifically for treatment.

Aufbereitung von Tumorstammzellen für die Analytik

Tumor-Stemcells – Characterization

During the cultivation of tumor stem cells, cell clusters comprising 60-100 cells are formed, so-called spheroids, which can be characterized according to their surface receptors. If these spheroids are transplanted onto chicken egg membranes (chorioallantoic membrane), the corresponding tumors form after only a few days. Further studies showed that the aggressiveness of the tumors correlates directly with the number of stemcells formed from the patient’s blood. In this case, just as with circulating tumor cells, the reduction of tumor stem cells leads to a longer, relapse-free survival. Click here for the video!


Publications around this topic are herer:


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Conclusion about tumor-stemcells

In these publications, the cultivation of tumor stem cells will be described. Characterization will be explained and the importance for therapy monitoring and therapy control will be explained. This method of comprehensive analytical characterization and quantification of tumor stem cells is called stemtrac(R) and is already offered for medical studies. Just contact us if you have further questions!

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